It's your journey.

Write your own story. 

The Study Abroad Journal is the only guided goal-setting, action-planning, and reflection experience designed for study abroad students by study abroad experts. 


The field guide for savvy study abroad students. 

The Study Abroad Journal is a thoughtfully designed, guided journal that helps students:

  • Establish their study abroad goals
  • Create an achievable action plan
  • Capture all their amazing and challenging experiences
  • Process and reflect on their time abroad
  • OWN the experience

The Journal Helps Students Set Goals in Four Important Dimensions 

Academic Engagement

Learning doesn't have to be stuffy and within the confines of a beige classroom. Reinvigorate your interest in your academic pursuit and set a goal to dive deeper. 

Cultural Exploration

You chose your study abroad destination for a reason. Set a goal to help you explore why your host country is so special.

Career Development

Your study abroad experience can be a launchpad for a successful career. Leverage your time abroad with a strategic career goal. 

Wild Card

This one is our favorite. Have some fun! Explore your host culture through one of your passions - skateboarding, punk bands, craft beer, running. Follow your passions wherever they lead. 

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Having an epic experience abroad begins by focusing on what you want to achieve, outlining action items to get you there, and meaningful reflection to level-up your time abroad. Based on proven goal-setting, action planning, and productivity principles, the Study Abroad Journal helps you go beyond the basic and creates an epic experience abroad.


Make sure you're getting a serious ROI. 


Meet the Creators

The Study Abroad Journal was born out of our desire to empower EVERY STUDENT to design a study abroad and global experience that makes them career-ready, globally-savvy, and fully prepared for life after study abroad. 

Natalie Garrett, MA

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Brooke Roberts, MA

Brooke Roberts (she/her) has nearly 20 years of professional experience in international education. She's the founder of Inside Study Abroad, the premiere career development and training platform for aspiring global educators. She currently serves as Director of Partner Marketing at Podium education. Formerly, she was Director of International Education at Johnson County Community College, Senior Vice President of, Director of Operations & Advising for Global Educators/CISabroad, and founding director of global learning at the University of South Dakota.


Inspired by passion. Created with research.

The framework for The Study Abroad Journal was born from our exploration into various fields of research including experiential learning, positive psychology, motivation, achievement, global learning, and tech startups.

➡️ Click through our slide deck to explore the research and theories that inspired The Study Abroad Journal. 

NAFSA Journal Presentation by thenewdorothy

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What People Are Saying

"I only wish The Journal existed during my undergrad career."

"I am developing a 1 credit online reflection course that students can take while they are studying abroad. The Study Abroad Journal is the ideal companion for this course, and will provide a lasting artifact for students to keep with them as they move through life. I am very excited about using the publication. I only wish the Study Abroad journal existed during my undergraduate career."

Noah Goldblatt, Former Director of Study Abroad at Champlain College

"The exercises are lifelong tools in their own right."

“We are definitely excited to receive this next batch of journals and to see how our scholarship recipients in particular grow with them. Not only do we believe that the study abroad journal provides a useful framework for self-reflection, goal setting, and exploration, the exercises are lifelong tools in their own right. It’s a great resource we hope our students will reference throughout their lives!”

Matthias Connelly, Cronin Office of International Education, Bentley University 

Students Love it!

"My favorite part/tip was to create a resume based specifically on study abroad experiences. Genius and I think you guys read my mind because I could never actually put that into words but that was definitely floating around in pieces in my head." 

Shannon Egan, International Studies/Education Major, University of Dayton

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