Launch Your Career in Study Abroad & Global Education


So you want a career in study abroad and international education?

Awesome! Working in international ed is an amazing way to make a global impact, change the lives and minds of participants, and pursue a personal passion for meaningful international experiences.

My name is Brooke Roberts and I help you cut through the confusion and the frustration of launching a career in international education.

By the end of this program, not only will you understand the inner-workings of the IE field, build a powerful professional brand, get noticed by thought-leaders and movers and shakers, build a network in a smart (non-sleazy) way, but you'll also land amazing professional opportunities along the way.


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It’s time to take the frustration out of launching your international education career.

SO, YOU WANT A JOB IN STUDY ABROAD AND INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION? We get it, you've got the passion and drive! But figuring it out all on your own? Not exactly easy!

YOU WANT TO GET NOTICED IN THE CROWDED IE JOB MARKET, but it seems there's no way to break in without a Master's degree or just dumb luck. 

YOU'RE TIRED OF SUBMITTING DOZENS OF APPLICATIONS, but not receiving any responses, second round interviews, or job offers. 

“I've been offered a position as a Program Specialist within the International Education Office!

Thanks to GPI and Brooke for helping me gain new skills, brush up on old ones, push me to create my own Career HQ, and reignite my commitment to this field and international student services!"


What if it didn't have to be so hard...

Proven Roadmap

What if you had a proven step-by-step roadmap from seasoned IE professionals to help you navigate the professional world of international education? 

On-going Support

What if you could get on-going support from experienced professionals in the field who know how to not only get notice, but land dream jobs?

Practical Experience

And what if you could gain real-world, practical experience in the IE field so you can not only stack your resume, but learn what it's like to be on the "inside" of international education? 


Global Pro Institute & Internship Program

The Global Pro Institute is an online professional development program that teaches you the step-by-step process to strategically build a brand, body of work, and network to launch and level-up a career in international education.

Coaching + Community

Access weekly coaching calls during the live 6-week program where you can ask questions, share ideas, and dive deep on IE topics with our coaching team and community of global educators. 

Professional Experience

Get placed in a professional internship working with a international education organizations, university offices, scholarship programs, non-profits, onsite programs, and more. The placement matching process is tailored to your unique goals and interests and the needs of our host organizations.  

Core Curriculum

Our signature six-module program that teaches you about the international education field, how to stand out in a crowded job market, how to build a network of raving fans, and create applications that land interviews. 


The Core Curriculum

Program Features

Internship Placement

Get placed in a customized 6-8 week professional remote internship with an international education organization

Core Curriculum

Our proven step-by-step system to launch and level-up your career - 13+ hours of online training

Group Coaching

Live group coaching sessions with hot seats to deep dive on your unique career situation (all calls are recorded)

Global Pro Community

Online student center for accountability, to ask questions, & get support. Plus get access to exclusive in-person meetups.

Workbook, Worksheets, & PDF Downloads

Access all the collateral material to help you collect, track, and process all of the content and coaching.  

Global Pro Certificate

Once you complete the program coursework, pass all quizzes, and submit your assignments, you'll be eligible to apply for your GPI Certificate.

What Our Students Say...

Program Bonuses

BONUS #1: Exclusive Insider Interviews

Thought-leaders give insights and advice on landing a job in specific areas of the field. From study abroad to ISSS to entrepreneurship to onsite management.

($497 VALUE)

BONUS #2: Guide to Grad School + Workshop

Everyone says you need a master's degree but is that true? In our guide we break down the grad school question, feature our favorite programs, and teach you how to leverage your grad school experience for a career in IE. 

($147 VALUE)

BONUS #3: Rock Your Informational Interviews

Learn how to land amazing informational interviews and meetings with influential and interesting professionals in international education and meaningful travel.

($197 VALUE)

BONUS #4: 15+ Hours of Resume Reviews

Get access to over 15 hours of pre-recorded video resume reviews to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls. See how the best cover letters are crafted.

($497 VALUE)

BONUS #5: Level-up With LinkedIn

LinkedIn might be one of the most powerful online tools to establish your professional brand and launch your international education career. We'll teach you how to leverage the platform to skyrocket your career success (and avoid the LinkedIn mistakes that most people make). 

($197 VALUE)

BONUS #6: Leverage Social Media to Build Your Professional Brand​  

In this Bonus training you'll learn how to leverage various social media platforms to build your professional brand and grow your career. 

($197 VALUE)


Internships in International Education

When you join GPI you'll be placed in a practical, pre-professional internship in international education. 

These internships are project-based and focus on 1-on-1 mentorship with a current professional in IE. After the 6-8 week virtual placement, you'll walk away with an insider knowledge of the field, practical skills, a broader network, and a finished project showcasing your work in global education. 

What our alumni are saying...

"I'm happy to say I've accepted a job at NAFSA!"

"GPI helped me identify and relate my own skill set and experience to positions I'm interested in. Having previous experience as an academic, rather than an IE professional, means I have to reposition myself and work on my branding more to let others know what I really want to do. Sometimes you need to have experience to get experience, and sometimes it's more about your network. GPI has made me more aware of my network and the relationships I've built and how to give back as well. And I'm happy to say that I've accepted a job as Associate Director of Research and Scholarship at NAFSA! Thank you GPI!"

- Shanna Saubert, PhD, Associate Director of Research and Scholarship, NAFSA

"The strategies set out in GPI really do work!"

"Great news: I landed a really great study abroad role at a London university! Massive thanks to Brooke... and all of you fellow GPIers! The GPI course has been fantastic, and the strategies set out by Brooke really do work. I don't know if I'd have made this shift without it."

- Malcolm Davidson, London South Bank University

"Super excited about the work I'm about to begin!"

"Hello GPI family. Happy to announce after a couple months of pitching ideas and demonstrating what I can do, a new opportunity in IE presented itself. I grabbed it with both hands, gave it a bear hug, and wrestled it to the ground.

I'm the new Partnerships and Program Developer at United Planet. Super excited about the work I'm about to begin. Grateful to them for their willingness to take a chance on me proving I can bring value to the UP organization.

- Ayesha Kennedy Candiff, PhD, Partnerships and Program Developer, United Planet

"I don't know where I'd be in my search if I hadn't found GPI."

"GPI gave me the confidence to tailor my job search in the most effective way possible. Especially beneficial were the Master Classes, where I thought I would hear from mid-level managers for 30 minutes on their roles, but what I got was 60 minutes or more with the top executives and sometimes the actual founders of prestigious providers, institutions, or universities.

Brooke had such an extensive grasp of the trade, and taught her classes and conducted interviews with such enthusiasm and positive energy that I was sad to see the program end!

GPI’s easy to use online format and measured pace of the coursework were perfect for my busy overseas life, and Brooke was always available with support if I needed some extra help or a boost in my confidence. I am certain that GPI will become the essential course for anyone contemplating the sector. I don’t know where I would be in my search if I hadn’t found GPI.”

- Joe Kaesshaefer, Retired Senior US Foreign Service Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check out the FAQs below!


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About Your Coaches & Instructors

The Global Pro Institute was created by international educators with over 30 years of experience in the field. 


Brooke Roberts, MA


Brooke has over 18 years of experience in international  education. She went from intern to executive in four years and has founded two companies in the industry. She's worked in multiple facets of IE including program design, administration, and delivery; organizational management; digital marketing; student recruitment and advising, and more. 

In 2009, Brooke founded Inside Study Abroad and GPI to provide a resource and community for the next generation of international education leaders and professionals. 

>> Learn more about Brooke's work on LinkedIn

Sam Cooper - Inside Study Abroad

Sam Cooper, MPA


Sam has over 20 years of experience in international education. She's become a leading professional in international internship program design and delivery. 

Sam is passionate about providing opportunities for professionals in international education to learn about best practices and collaborate to improve experience for both students and staff, is a former Board Director of the Association of American Study Abroad Programmes UK, co-founder of PDX Abroad, and is currently the Placements and Business Engagement Manager at the University of Roehampton in London, UK.

>> Learn more about Sam's work on LinkedIn

What is it costing you to guess your way to a thriving career in global education?


Industry Conferences

Conferences are great! But if you don't already know how to navigate the field or have an existing network, these industry events can become overwhelming and frustrating. 

1-on-1 Career Coaching

We're all about coaching, but without a community of like-minded peers and a clear, actionable roadmap to level-up your professional brand, unstructured advice can often lead to procrastination and confusion. 

Other IE Professional Development Programs

Both of the national organizations offer professional development programs, but they both require a minimum of two years professional experience and the expensive price tag assumes your employer is paying.

Graduate Degrees

A graduate degree can be helpful in helping in landing a job in international education, but it's not a golden ticket. Even those with Master's degrees have trouble landing a job in the field. We don't think you need to spend $40k+ to get a look behind the IE curtain. 

What Our Students Say...

What Brooke's peers say about her...

"Brooke has a huge capacity to tie people and ideas together."

"Brooke is a dynamic thought leader, taking her passion for education into her other love – yoga. She is incredibly smart and has a huge capacity to tie people and ideas together in new and meaningful ways. She is clearly driven to succeed in her endeavors and when you speak with Brooke you just find yourself cheering for her to make it all happen! I admire her courage to push boundaries and she has helped me push a few of my own. I am sincerely honored to be in her circle."

- Cynthia Banks, Founder, Global Leadership League and Founder, Globalinks Learning Abroad (now part of ISA)

"Brooke is a model colleague."

"Brooke's enthusiasm, hard-work and collegiality make her a model colleague. She brings energy and passion to all that she undertakes, and I recommend her projects without reservation."

- Tony Johnson, Former President, The Academic Internship Council (part of CIEE); Co-founder of EUSA-Academic Internships

"Bottom Line: When I have a question about international education, I go to Brooke."

"Brooke is, simply said, a study abroad rockstar. When it comes to study abroad, Brooke knows her stuff, and she knows it well. She's incredibly intelligent, professional, and has a business savvy that has always impressed me. Bottom line: when I have a question about international education, I go to Brooke."

- Samantha Cooper, Co-Founder, PDX Abroad, former London Program Director, Academic Internship Council/CIEE; and currently Placements and Business Engagement Manager, University of Roehampton

"I can't think of a better person to run a program like GPI."

"Brooke Roberts is an institution. When Go Overseas is considering anything new in the world of International Education, I check with Brooke to hear her strategic thoughts & vision. I can't think of a better person to run a program like the Global Pro Institute. It's going to change many lives in the world of International Education, and create a better, more professional group of staff & visionaries for this very important field that impacts so many students & people around the world."

- Mitch Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder, Go Overseas; Founder, Verto Education

"Brooke is the epitome of GSD."

"Brooke is the epitome of GSD. She sees what she wants, she researches the best way to make it happen, and she executes. She is my social media and web guru, a business-savvy entrepreneur, a passionate educator, and a good friend."

- Natalie Garrett, Co-Founder, The Study Abroad Journal

"She shaped young professionals from university graduates into leaders in their fields."

"As Senior Vice President at, Brooke guided the company during a critical expansion period. Several of her innovations evolved from concept to successful products in a short and efficient time period. Brooke managed nearly 100 staff around the world from technology experts to content development editors. She shaped young professionals from university graduates into leaders in their fields."

- Troy Peden, Founder,


Enrollment Opening Soon! 

The Global Pro Institute enrollment is opening soon! Join the early-bird waitlist and get first access to the program PLUS a VIP discount. 

Join the GPI Waitlist!

Enrollment is closed.

The Global Pro Institute enrollment is closed. Join the waitlist to be first to know when doors open.  


Why I Created the Global Pro Institute

"I created the Global Pro Institute for people with a passion for global education who want the no-fluff, step-by-step roadmap, and the ongoing support to launch and level-up a successful career in international education.

If you already have an established career and you're looking to get to the next level, this course is for you. If you're starting from the beginning with zero experience, this course is also for you because you'll instantly have a network of like-minded peers and access to my team of seasoned industry veterans to help you build a brand, body of work, and network that matters.

GPI was the program I needed when I was just starting out. I applied for over 75 positions before ever getting even one call back.  I know what it feels like to want something so bad but feel like all the doors are slamming in your face.

I don't want you to struggle like I did. This program is designed not just to give you the knowledge and skills you need, but also a support community that's in the trenches with you. 

We can't wait to meet you on the inside. "

- Brooke Roberts, Founder of Inside Study Abroad; Creator of the Global Pro Institute