Land Your Dream Job in Study Abroad & Global Education

Finally launch and level-up your career in global education! In this workshop, I teach you timeless and timely strategies to land your dream job in study abroad and international education - from a veteran global educator.  

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What You'll Learn

Intern to Executive in 4 Years

How I went from an unpaid intern to an industry executive in 4 years (after a disastrous first job search)

The Biggest Myths Most Job Seeker Believe

The biggest myths most people believe when trying to launch their career in study abroad

How to Be A Dream Come True Applicant

How to be a "dream come true" applicant and start getting head-hunted for the jobs you really want 

BONUS: Learn My 3R Application Framework

This framework will make EVERY application packet you submit 100% irresistible to employers

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Brooke Roberts, Founder of Inside Study Abroad.

I'm what you might call an international education veteran. I've done a lot in my career - from low-paid grad assistant, to road warrior, to program development and onsite management, to building a study abroad office completely from scratch, to running the largest marketing platform for global programs in the world. 

But it wasn't always an easy journey. Initially, I struggled to launch my own career in international education applying for 75+ jobs without an offer of even an interview. I knew our field needed a more targeted resource and clear path to the professional world of meaningful travel. 

In this workshop, I'm giving you just a taste of the coaching, community, and training we offer inside the Global Pro Institute. Let's get started!