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GPI STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Gaining Confirmation to Pursue an International Education Master's Degree with Arianna Lopez

student spotlight May 31, 2021

Meet Arianna, an alumni from the first round of the Global Pro Institute! Read below to hear her review of this 6-week online professional development program for aspiring study abroad and international education professionals. 


"First of all, I want to say thank you to Brooke for all her kindness compassion and approachability during and after this online program. I would recommend this online course for anybody who is in the position that I was when I first began, which was in the process of applying for masters programs and confirming my decision to pursue that educational path. Or it may be for somebody who is just in the midst of looking for a job or somebody who is further along in their international education career, but is looking to better carve their path and find their niche.

Brooke provided great foundational knowledge in terms of historical context, terminology, politics, and learning the nuances of how to navigate the international realm. She brought in a number of great resources for her master class interviews, great knowledge for special interests within the realm of international education, and gave really great practical application for how to use your experiences in creating a resume, managing your network, and landing interviews. That whole professional process was a very comprehensive approach to the career of international education and meaningful travel. Again, I highly recommend this course and I wish you the best of luck!"


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