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What It's Really Like to Job Search in Study Abroad with GPI Alumni

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This week I'm talking to Rebecca Badner, brand new international education professional and rock star Global Pro Institute alumna. Becca is one of those people who sees what she wants, figures out what she needs to get there, and takes serious action. I got to know Becca last spring when she join the Global Pro Institute to help her get over the hump and out of the cycle of applying for dozens of jobs and not gaining any traction in her IE career.

Becca and I dive deep into her experience trying to break into the international education field both before and during her GPI experience. This is an eye-opening look for both seasoned professionals and those just starting out at what it’s really like to start your career in IE today. Enjoy!


  • Rebecca’s journey from study abroad student and international English teacher to gainfully employed international education professional
  • The struggles Rebecca experience trying to break into the IE field
  • What mistakes Rebecca made early on and what she did to change the trajectory of her job search
  • How she justified investing in professional development with the Global Pro Institute
  • How GPI compares to other professional development programs out there
  • The success Rebecca has experienced since joining GPI and her advice for all current job seekers
  • Who GPI is right for (and who it’s not)






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