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Getting Published & Becoming CEO of a Leading Study Abroad Provider with Kris Holloway CISabroad

career in international education podcast study abroad Apr 16, 2018

Today on the show I'm talking with Kris Holloway, President of CISabroad. In this episode, Kris and I talk about her circuitous path to international education via the Peace Corps and community health work, plus how Kris parlayed her time in The Gambia to a book deal. 

We also discuss our different perspectives on how women step into leadership roles, imposter syndrome, mentorship in IE, and so much more. This episode is perfect for anyone curious how to step into their power, take on "the big jobs," and move mountains in an organization. 


  • Kris’s international education story

  • How Kris wrote a book about her time in the Peace Corps AND got published

  • Ways to leverage your teach abroad and/or Peace Corps experience to land a job in international education

  • The fastest and best ways to get the best recommendations and references for your job search

  • What it’s like to step into a C-suite position as a woman in the age of #metoo and Trump

  • Why Kris wanted to be vetted like any external candidate for the role of President of CISabroad

  • What you need to be learning and doing now to prepare yourself for senior leadership positions later

  • The power of an abundance mindset and saying yes more than you say now

  • How to differentiate your organization in a crowded market

  • Leaning in and out in your career and life





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