My Michael Jordan Moment

Michael Jordan Moment - Inside Study Abroad

Well hello again!

It's been a minute, but let me explain why I'm back in your inbox.

...and what exactly Michael Jordan has to do with me...or study abroad...? 


I've been watching the new ESPN docuseries about the legendary NBA player and the epic Chicago Bulls basketball franchise of the 1990s. 

Even though I was aware of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan through junior high and high school - I didn't really follow the drama or the insider commentary about the team or players. 

I had no idea that Michael Jordan "retired" from the NBA after winning three back-to-back championships only to return 18 months later to win three more straight titles. 

How did I miss that?! 

Regardless, when I learned this little bit of NBA trivia, I couldn't help but laugh at myself and the plans I've been making the past few weeks. 

You see, a few weeks ago, after talking and brainstorming with a trusted mentor and friend in International Education, I decided that I wanted to bring back Inside Study Abroad. 

This is my Michael Jordan moment. 

A year ago almost to the day, I announced that I was stepping away from Inside Study Abroad to launch a new business.

And that's exactly what I've been doing over at Remote Life Labs. It hasn't been without its struggles, setbacks, and successes - but I'm so thankful I took another leap to start and grow a business I believe in. 

However, I never could have predicted back then how exciting, tumultuous, and life-altering the next 12 months would be (for all of us) - and how a year away from the study abroad game would have me itching to get back on the court.

But I knew if I came out of study abroad retirement, the conditions and situation would have to be just right. 

I wasn't interested in simply bringing back Inside Study Abroad as we've all known it in the past. 

I want to breathe new life into the company - with a new vision, new energy, new ideas - and new people. 

I had to have my very own dream team that could help carry the business and this community to new levels of success and engagement.

 So I'm excited to announce that Inside Study Abroad is returning.

And I'm bringing it back with the help of my amazing friend, mentor, and former boss(!) Samantha (Sam) Cooper who has volunteered to join me on this journey to take Inside Study Abroad and the entire field to new heights. 

I'll continue to focus most of my time and energy on Remote Life Labs while Sam supports me in rolling out new resources and opportunities for aspiring and current professionals in IE. 

Between the two of us, we have about 427,984 ideas. Expect a lot of new resources, training, and connection opportunities to launch and level-up your career in international education. 

I think we can all agree that now more than ever we need innovation, fresh minds, and a dynamic professional workforce ready to face the new era of international education. 

We can't wait to play our part in the international education (re)evolution. 

Please help me welcome Sam to the Inside Study Abroad family and join us for the next Inside Chat.




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