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The New Landscape of Global Internships with Kate Moore

grow your career Aug 27, 2020

In this session, we're talking with Kate Moore, Principal & Co-Founder, of Global Career Center about the new landscape of global internships. 

Topics we'll cover:

  • Approaches to global internships and rethinking what we call an internship

  • Going beyond satisfaction surveys to measure student growth in uncomfortable/ambiguous learning environments

  • What happens when virtual internships are not done well

  • Incorporating social capital/contacts more intentionally

  • And more!


About Kate Moore: 

Kate Moore is an international educator energized by our changing world of work and how we connect campuses, communities, and companies across the globe. She built the Global Career Center (GCC) to partner with universities and colleges throughout the world, employers from a wide range of industries, and learners of all ages to connect employability and education through collaborative program development, comprehensive services delivery, and curated experiential education. Kate has decades of experience directly related to global internships and applied learning, including work within higher education, nonprofit management, workforce recruitment, government relations, and civic engagement. 



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