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Parenthood, Careerhood, and Balancing It All with Samantha Lacroix, EUSA Academic Internship Experts

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the show! I’m coming to you from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been here for about 3 weeks and absolutely loving this place. Eating way too many empanadas and trying to teach myself to like mate - which is like an intense herbal tea.

I’ve also tossed my vegetarianism out the window while I’m here to enjoy a little bife de chorizo. Yum!

And of course, tonight I’m headed to my first (and likely last) tango lesson. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m bringing you an interview with Samantha Lacroix, director of university relations at EUSA - Academic Internship Experts. She also happens to be a former colleague of mine at EUSA AND a very dear friend.

We did this recording a few months ago right before she gave birth to her daughter. In this conversation we dive into getting jobs that you don’t feel qualified for, landing jobs without a master’s degree, balancing career and parenthood, helping students leverage study abroad for their career, and finally getting a master’s degree that works for your career.


  • How Samantha got the nickname Bazzer
  • How to land jobs outside of your wheelhouse and leverage them for the next step
  • How Samantha answered the question “why don’t you have a master’s degree?”
  • How she is balancing the roles of ambitious professionals and dedicated mother
  • Does international education celebrate and support parents?
  • Samantha’s advice on how to stay in engaged in the field even if you’re not traveling and presenting at conferences
  • What EUSA is doing with universities to uplevel career-readiness of their participants and alumni
  • Balancing parenthood, career, and getting a master’s degree





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