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GPI STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Finding a Strong Foothold in His International Education Career with Simon Winograd

student spotlight Jun 07, 2021

Simon Winograd, alumni from the Fall 2015 Cohort of the Global Pro Institute, gives his review of this 6-week online professional development program for aspiring study abroad and international education professionals.


"I would have to say that overall it was a great experience and highly invaluable. I'm eternally grateful to Brooke and the whole GPI team. What it did for me was essentially, it laid a solid foundation of historical context terminology that I was unaware of in the beginning. I had sort of found myself in this field unknowingly, but this GPI course really helped put in place great historical context and it allowed me to speak about it intelligently to colleagues and other people that I'm in the field with. It also just got the creative process going and it really helped peak my interests and solidify what I wanted to do: develop short-term faculty-led programs and service learning programs.

The master classes were incredible and completely instrumental. Turned out some of the master class presenters were colleagues I had worked with so it allowed me to reconnect with them. Everyone was incredibly helpful, nice, and pleasant when I reached out to them for internet informational interviews. Overall the whole experience, you know the six modules, had so much packed into them and so invaluable. I'm eternally grateful to Brooke and the whole GPI team. Thanks so much!"


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