My First Video Production in Study Abroad


Hi everyone! I know I'm way behind on uploading interviews (I have four in the hopper! Zac - Yours is coming next week. I promise!) and other information-based posts, but it's been a crazy three weeks with being at NAFSA, recovering from NAFSA, and then of course, following-up from NAFSA.

But I recently got my hands on a little blast from the past video I created when I was a grad student and working in the Baldwin-Wallace College Explorations/Study Abroad Center. It's amazing how digital photography has improved in just five years, so forgive the pixelated images. And please don't heckle me too much on em...dramatic nature of the music. But my former supervisor and dear friend, and current Director of Study Abroad at BW, says the video is a huge hit on campus. She shows it at all new student orientations and College 101 first-year courses in the fall. This summer, they are having a new video created, so I wanted to share this one with the world before it goes into the archives.

Since we used some old school video editing stuff to create the video, the only format we have of it is a DVD. As a result, I had to rip the DVD to make a YouTube-ready version, which means there's a watermark for the software I used. Sigh. I could have spent $60 bucks on the program to get the watermark removed, but let's face it: I'm not cheap, just thrifty.

Do you guys know of any cool study abroad recruitment videos? Share the links in the comments and I'll feature them from time to time!

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