From Twitter to a Career in Travel - Interview with Tiffany Harrison


Last Saturday morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee (yes, I drink Starbucks) and an interview with Tiffany Harrison, a recent grad, burgeoning PR pro, and study abroad super fan (she studied abroad for a year in Scotland with USAC). We discussed the benefits of study abroad for PR majors, advice Tiffany has for future study abroad students, and her future career plans.

I first met Tiffany on Twitter where she's known as a friendly, fun personality tweeting about everything from study abroad, tea (of course), and public relations. As a true study abroad super fan, Tiffany is also interested in starting a career in study abroad (for a university or a provider) where she can utilize her PR and social media skills along with her knowledge of the study abroad process. In her own words she's:

  • Passionate about study abroad

  • Natural leader

  • Great communicator

Best of luck Tiffany, and thanks so much for chatting with me on a Saturday!




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