About Us

Inside Study Abroad™ is an online educational hub and community for aspiring and seasoned international education and study abroad professionals.

Inside Study Abroad Founder

Brooke Roberts, MA


I'm what you might call an international education veteran. I've done a lot in my career - from low-paid grad assistant, to road warrior, to program development and onsite management, to building a study abroad office completely from scratch, to running the largest marketing platform for global programs in the world. 

But it wasn't always an easy journey. Initially, I struggled to launch my own career in international education applying for 75+ jobs without an offer of even an interview. I knew our field needed a more targeted resource and clear path to the professional world of meaningful travel.   

I built Inside Study Abroad to become the go-to resource and ONLY internship program for aspiring global education professionals.

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Why Inside Study Abroad?

Candid & Real.

We pull back the curtain on the professional world of global programs with candid conversations, real and raw insights, and difficult discussions on our work in international education.

Professional Path.

Our core mission and value is to provide a clear and accessible path to a career in international education and meaningful travel. Getting a master’s degree shouldn’t be the only way to gain entry to our field. We help you transform from a passionate participant to a powerhouse professional.

Leading Edge.

We’re creating a new playbook on career development, program marketing and promotion, and open dialogue on our work in international education.

Meet The Team


We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our knowledge of international education, meaningful travel, and career development in global programs. 

Sam Cooper, MPA

Internship Program Manager &
Global Pro Labs Instructor:
Program Development

Sr. Placements & Business Engagement Manager, University of Roehampton Business School

Jason Kinnear, PhD

Global Pro Labs Instructor:
Education Abroad Advising Lab

Associate Dean of Study Abroad & Exchanges, UNC-Chapel Hill

Jody Pritt, MA

Global Pro Labs Instructor:
International Student & Scholar Advising Lab

Director of International Student and Scholar Services, Georgia State University

Rebecca Hansen

Global Pro Labs Instructor:
International Admissions Lab

Assistant Director of International Admissions, Northern Kentucky University

Download the Global Pro Career Roadmap


This guide will give you the step-by-step playbook to launch and level-up your career in international education and meaningful travel.