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Behind-the-Scenes of GPI Internships in Study Abroad & Global Education

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In this episode, we're talking with two recent GPI alumni who completed the standard Global Pro Institute program as well as the GPI + Internship experience.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Go behind-the-scenes of what it's like to do a remote internship in international education
  2. How remote internships very between universities and program providers
  3. The key things you'll learn from a remote internship in international ed
  4. How to get the most out of the GPI program and your internship placement


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Guest Panelists:

Danielle Twichel is a multimedia artist from Tacoma, Washington. Professionally, she is aspiring to develop a career in meaningful travel and hoping to someday lead her own service-learning programs. Danielle's future goals were inspired by various years of studying abroad and teaching English in South America. She joined the Global Pro Institute Plus program for the Summer 2020 cohort and did her internship with GET Ecuador. 

Chris Strohofer is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and aspiring professional in meaningful travel. He completed his GPI+ internship at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he ran workshops on readjustment for study abroad returnees, went deep on Terra Dotta, and formed great professional and personal relationships. Chris has been around the intern block (State Department, Sister City Program, GPI+, and plenty more). Chris join the Global Pro Institute Plus summer 2020 cohort and did his internship with the Illinois Institute of Technology. 



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