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Global Pro Labsย 
Certificate Program

Online training andย certificate programs introducing you to the functional areas and skills toย do the work of global education: education abroad advising, international student advising, international admissions, program development, and program marketing.ย 

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Join 150+ students gaining the foundational skills needed to thrive in a global education career...

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What are the Global Pro Labs and what's included?

Skills-based Training for International Education Professionals

Learn the practical skills, strategies, and systems used to design, deliver, and manage global programs. 

Introduction to the Core Career Tracks in Global Education

Understand the difference between study abroad, international students, admissions, program design, and recruitment and gain clarity career track is right for you.

Taught By Experienced Professionals

Our training programs are designed, taught by experienced professionals & experts with a down-to-earth approach to their work in global education. 

You'll get a full year of access to ALL FIVE (5) Global Pro Labs when you enroll! 

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Plus You'll Get

Affordable Skills-based Training

Career development and skill-building should NOT break the bank. We intentionally design our programs to not only be affordable at any stage of your career journey, but we give on-going access to the content so that you can learn and implement at your own pace.  

Professional Certificates

Once you've completed each Lab, you'll have the opportunity to take an assessment to officially be certified in that global career track. You can then share these certifications on LinkedIn and feature them in your future job applications. 

One Year Access 

Other professional development programs only give you access to comprehensive trainings like this for 4-6 weeks. But most of us are busy and we need more time to consume, understand, and implement new strategies and ideas. Therefore, when you enroll in the Global Pro Lab, you get a full year of access to the trainings to learn at your own pace. 

Introducing the Global Pro Labs

Study Abroad Advising & Management Lab


 Learn the fundamentals of study abroad advising approaches, program portfolio development, critical systems and workflows, campus collaboration, student preparation, working with providers, and more! 

  • Learn the core education abroad advising cycle and the main demands and objectives that come with each stage of the student experience
  • Understand the behind-the-scenes management, decision-making, and administration of the core types of global education programs
  • Gain clarity on how study abroad operates within the larger university and organization context plus how to collaborate with various invested constituencies (students, parents, faculty, administrators, partner organizations, and destinations)
  • Be prepare for the common challenges, road blocks, and issues that can hinder your work in education abroad

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Marketing and Recruitment Lab


 Learn the"Promotion Pyramid Framework" and the most effective marketing strategies and messaging approaches to use at each stage of the participant journey. From social media, email marketing, SMS, content marketing, and paid media - learn how to create targeted marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness. 

  • How to Map the Journey from Curiosity to Participant with The Promotion Pyramid Framework
  • Understand Core Discovery strategies online & in-person
  • Where and How to Capture curiosity and create your "Participant Magnet"
  • Nurturing Participants and Bridging the GAP between curiosity and application
  • Tools of the Trade: Implementation, tracking, and measuring success of your marketing

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International Admissions & Recruitment Lab


Learn how the international admissions and recruitment world is structured, key elements of powerful recruitment strategies on a budget, the critical challenges facing admissions officers, working with recruiters, understanding the admissions process for prospective international students, and managing a global recruitment strategy.  


  • Module 1: Introduction to International Admissions & Recruitment
  • Module 2: How to Build a Global Recruitment Plan
  • Module 3: International Recruitment Strategies 
  • Module 4: Communications & Marketing in International Student Recruitment
  • Module 5: Recruitment Analysis & Measuring ROI

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Program Design & Delivery Lab


Learn how to design & deliver global programs that focus on student learning outcomes, cross-cultural integration, and meaningful participation while maintaining health, safety, and risk standards. You'll understand the unique challenges of running global programs onsite - including managing logistics, student mental & emotional health, and emergency response/preparedness.


  • Module 1: Foundations of Program Design & Delivery
  • Module 2: Reverse Engineering Program Timeline
  • Module 3: Design Considerations
  • Module 4: Developing Program Budgets & Pricing
  • Module 5: Working with Faculty
  • Module 6: Facilitating High-Impact Intercultural Learning
  • Module 7: Delivering the Experience
  • Module 8: Program Assessment & Evaluation

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International Students & Scholars Lab


Learn how the international student visa system works in the US, the critical resources and systems you need to be successful as an ISSS advisor, plus creative ways to support international students on campus and online. 


  • Module 1: Introduction to International Students 
  • Module 2: The International Student Lifecycle
  • Module 3: Immigration Compliance 101 
  • Module 4: International Student Programming
  • Module 5: Hot Topics in ISSS
  • Live Q&A Replay

Meet Your Instructor

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About Inside Study Abroad

Founded in 2009, Inside Study Abroad is the premier career development and internship provider for aspiring international education professionals. 

Through our Inside Study Abroad podcast, Global Pro Institute & Internship career development program, and our new Global Pro Labs training series, our aim is to provide seasoned and aspiring professionals with the critical resources they need to launch and grow a career in international education. 


About Our Founder - Brooke Roberts

Back in 2009, while managing Global Learning at the University of South Dakota, Brooke launched Inside Study Abroad blog as a place to share her musings, learnings, and challenges as a professional in international education. That blog has grown to become a leading resource for emerging global learning professionals around the world with over 500 students going through our signature program, the Global Pro Institute. 

Prior to starting Inside Study Abroad, Brooke was Senior Vice President of, Director of Operations for Global Educators, Manager of Global Learning at the University of South Dakota, on-board ship staff for Semester at Sea, Program and University Relations Manager for EUSA - Academic Internships, consultant to numerous universities and study abroad organizations, a lecturer at Beijing Normal University-Zhuhai, Academic Coordinator for summer programs at Brown University, and Study Abroad Advisor/Grad Assistant at Baldwin-Wallace University. She's spoken at the national conferences for NAFSA, CIEE, Forum, and WYSTC, as well as, been invited to be the keynote speaker at multiple Lessons From Abroad events around the country. 

She holds a BA from Northeastern University in International Affairs and an MA from Bowling Green State University in Higher Education Administration. During her academic career, Brooke spent three semesters studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland; Orleans, France; and London, England, where she attended the London School of Economics and interned in the British Parliament. More recently, she spent 18 months living and working around the world as a digital nomad.  

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