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The Future of International Education with Amy Baker of The PIE News

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Today’s Inside Study Abroad Podcast is a wonderful conversation with Amy Baker, co-found of The PIE News.

The PIE News, is media company focused on the issues, people, and events in international education. In today’s episode, we talk about how The PIE got started, how Amy developed her own sense of wanderlust (coming from a family of farmers), her advice for anyone trying to get to the next level in their career, and so much more. 

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for an alternative point of view about the professional world of international education. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode

  • How Amy and her Co-founders started The PIE News and the surprising way they funded the launch early on
  • The major watershed moments for The PIE when Amy knew they’d built something important
  • The biggest mistake they made while building The PIE
  • The major cultural differences between the professional worlds of international education in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Amy’s take on the future of international education and the issue of employability post university
  • We discuss a few new alternatives to traditional higher education options
  • How Amy developed her wanderlust and her passion for journalism and telling stories
  • The biggest mistakes she’s sees people making in their careers
  • What they are still working on/struggling with at The PIE as an organization






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