How to Create a Culture of Diversity in Study Abroad with Andrew Gordon

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Culture of Diversity - Andrew Gordon - Inside Study Abroad

This week I’m talking with Andrew Gordon, founder and director of Diversity Abroad. DA is a resource for students connecting them with programs around the globe as well as a consortium of universities and providers helping professionals deploy diversity inclusion initiatives in the fabric of their offices and organizations. Andrew is an amazing friend, someone I go to for entrepreneurial, professionals, and even relationship advice. ;) If you don’t know if already, I’m so happy to introduce you.


  • How Andrew went from consulting at Deloitte to attending his first NAFSA conference

  • Why and how Andrew created Diversity Abroad and the Diversity Abroad Network

  • How they define Global Learning at Diversity Abroad

  • The big mistakes professional make when working with or recruiting diverse students for global learning

  • Andrew shares his quick wins and big wins for supporting diversity initiatives in your office, organization, and life

  • How to advise diverse populations when you don’t identify with those populations (these answers will surprise you)

  • Andrew’s advice for everyone trying to break into the field




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