BIG CAREER NEWS + What's coming in 2022!

Happy new year! I haven’t been this excited for a new year in a long time. Before we get to the good stuff coming this year, here’s a quick recap of 2021. It was not the year I had planned for, but it ended up being full of pleasant surprises. 

 In 2021…

  • Our training team made up of seasoned international educators from all areas of the field taught over 65 students in our Global Pro Labs. In these Labs, we teach you how to do the work of international education: international student advising, international admissions and recruitment, study abroad advising, program design and delivery, and modern marketing. 
  • We taught and coached 25 students in the Global Pro Institute AND placed 17 people in remote internships across the industry - at program providers, global non-profits, colleges, and universities in all areas of international education. 
  • I did speaking engagements at Auburn University, the GAP Year Association, and the Global Leadership League

Of course, this year wasn’t all roses and sunshine. It had a LOT of challenges that come with running a global education company in the middle of a global pandemic. 

If you want to hear more about those challenges, check out the video below (or on the Brazenist podcast here). 

What 2021 Meant for My Business, Career, and Life


So here's what you'll learn in this episode:

  • I share the biggest career decision I've made since 2013 when I decided to leave my position as Senior Vice President of to start my own company (and what it means for Inside Study Abroad) 
  • How you can learn my system and approach to landing highly-competitive roles in Global Education - FREE Workshop next week (Register here)
  • The future of the Global Pro Institute and why this will the the "Last" GPI cohort. 
  • Upcoming podcast interviews with Rich Kurtzman of Barcelona Study Abroad Experience and more
  • An exciting new partnership coming in February! 

If you’ve been a listener since the beginning, thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me since I started the podcast back in 2016. 

Hopefully I’ll be seeing and meeting many of you in person at Forum, NAFSA, or some other event very soon. 

It’s going to be an incredible year! 

Get out there and make some magic happen! Cheers! 


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