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Study Abroad Consumerism, Being Cool, and Internships in China with Daniel Nivern and Edward Holroyd Pearce of CRCC Asia


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On this week’s episode, I’m talking with Daniel Nivern and Edward Holyrod Pearce, co-founders of CRCC-Asia and Virtual Internships. I met Daniel and Ed many moons ago at the GoOverseas marketing conference in San Francisco. As I got to know this dynamic duo a little better, learned their personal stories and how CRCC Asia got started, I knew I had to have them on the show. CRCC Asia’s sweet spot is definitely internships in China, but they also run more traditional study abroad and language immersion programs as well.


  • What happened to Ed and Daniel at ages 9 and 14 (respectively) that changed their lives forever.
  • What Daniel considers “cool”
  • The real role of internship organizations
  • What’s industries are hot in China right now
  • Why even people with no knowledge of the country or the language need to spend some time in China
  • The biggest misconceptions students have about interning in China
  • Why internships and study abroad programs should “suck” a little

GIC Debate (Find my talk at 10:45 and the Q&A section at 33:03 where Daniel zings me with a great question!)





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