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From Teacher to Study Abroad Director + Study Abroad in the Age of Trump with Angela Perryman

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I’m so excited to bring you today’s episode with Angela Perryman, Director of Study Abroad at the University of Kansas. As many of you know, I’m a huge Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball fan so getting to talk to Angela about two of my favorite topics: KU basketball AND study abroad...I’m done. Life goals unlocked.

Before we get into today’s interview, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your support last week during the open enrollment for the Global Pro Institute. We have such an amazing group of new people from a broad range of backgrounds  - to recent college grads, returned Peace Corps volunteers, a few PhDs, and some career changers - getting started this week. Our first group coaching call is tonight, but the conversation inside our private community has already been incredibly engaging and thoughtful.

If you missed the enrollment or you missed my workshop on how to land your dream job in international education, don’t worry. I’ll be opening up the doors again soon and be making the workshop available on Inside Study as well. Watch your inbox for that.

As I mentioned, Angela Perryman is director of study abroad at the University of Kansas. Before returning to KU as Director, Angela worked for several years as a senior administrator in the study abroad office of Colorado State University where she oversaw study abroad curriculum integration initiatives.

In this interview, I talk to Angela about how she successfully transition from an elementary and secondary school teacher to a university administrator, how she and her team at KU market study abroad to a campus community that is committed to an on-campus experience (i.e. KU Men’s Basketball), the impact of DACA changes on international programs and the broader campus community, how anyone can get a “yes” to an internship opportunity at a university office like hers, and what Angela has been doing to continually up-level her career in international ed.


  • What sparked Angela’s interest in study abroad administration
  • How to transition from teaching elementary and secondary schools to a career in study abroad in higher education
  • How to remain relatable to students with such a different study abroad experience
  • The value of working at large public research universities
  • How to advise students when competing with a deep sports culture at a university
  • Why Angela believes in transferrable skills - and which ones to focus on
  • Advise on how to get involved in a study abroad office as a student - and after graduation
  • How to get to a “yes” for an internship with a study abroad office
  • Study Abroad and the impact of new DACA guidelines on participation
  • How Angela continued to uplevel her career from coordinator to director
  • What she’s still working on growing and learning in her own career
  • Working with star athletes in study abroad and academic environments





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