How to Be Exceptional in the World of International Education

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I often get the question “how do I create a successful career in international education and meaningful travel?" This is a loaded question, but luckily one which has an answer. Before enrollment for the Global Pro Institute CLOSES at 11.00pm PST TOMORROW, I wanted to share how some Global Pros, current thought-leaders and professionals in international education, answered that very question.

I sat down with these fine folks to talk about what it takes to be exceptional, to grow a career you love:


Good stuff, right? Hopefully this video provided a bit more clarity of who is successful in the field.

But what if you’re not quite there yet?

Don’t sweat it, that’s what the Global Pro Institute is for. This program was designed specifically with you in mind--the individual who is willing to learn and take action towards your dream career in international education and meaningful travel.

Maybe you’ve received some emails this week, joined our Fireside Chat, or read blog posts about the Global Pro Institute. You have all the information available to you. All you have to do now is take the next step.

What are you waiting for?

Global Pro Institute registration closes at 11pm PST TOMORROW!

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