How to Facilitate Intercultural Learning in Education Abroad with Tara Harvey



In international education and meaningful travel our work tends to center around answering and finding solutions to two specific questions:

  • How do we enable more and more diverse participation in global education?
  • How do we help students maximize the experience once they're in the door?

I'm particularly passionate about this second question, because it's not enough to plop a student in a country, or in an online program, or in an "internationalized classroom" and call our job done as global educators.

If "being in the room" was all it took to gain true intercultural savvy, skills, and intelligence, then it would hardly warrant the price tag (and student loan debt) of global programs being hoisted on young people every year.

For a fraction of the price, they could simply throw on a backpack, jump on a plane, and bop around the world without us or our programs.

But we know intercultural learning, intellectual development, and personal growth and reflection take strategic program design, thoughtful implementation, and skilled guidance and coaching.


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So how do we, as the administrators and designers of these experiences, actually do this? How do we design programs that help students gain deeper learning, skills, AND ROI that we believe to be the raison d'etre of our field?

This is the topic we explore in today's episode an in an upcoming in-depth workshop with Tara Harvey, Founder of True North Intercultural. 


  • How Tara developed her passion for and credentials in intercultural learning design and facilitation
  • Why focused intercultural learning pedagogy is so critical in our work as international educators
  • The difference between study abroad and intercultural learning 
  • The best (and first) step for international educators to best facilitate intercultural learning in their students 
  • Unraveling the career forecast for specialists in intercultural learning and facilitation

About Tara Harvey

Tara Harvey, Ph.D., has significant experience in global education (working in study abroad, international student services, and language learning), combined with a deep understanding of intercultural teaching and learning. In 2016, she founded True North Intercultural, which trains higher education faculty and staff to better navigate cultural differences and facilitate others’ intercultural learning (abroad and at home). Tara has worked at institutions such as the University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, and CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange). She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Development Education from the University of Minnesota.


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