Is a career in international admissions right for you? with Rebecca Hansen

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So many people who pursue a career in international education dream of a job that allows them to jet set to far away countries every other week.

While that's not a realistic view of what we do in global education, the closest career track that comes to it is International Admissions.

But what happens when you can't travel - or even leave your own home? How does international admissions work then?

In today's episode, I'm talking with Rebecca Hansen, Assistant Director of International Admissions at Northern Kentucky University, about her career in international admissions and more.


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In this conversation you'll learn:

  • Why Rebecca was told she was over qualified for her first job as an undergrad 
  • How she landed her first job in international admissions
  • What are the key skills and characteristics someone needs to be successful in international admissions
  • What exactly is a "professional extrovert"
  • A summary of what an international admissions recruiter actually does
  • Why international admissions is crucial to internationalization
  • Her Covid story - where she was, what happened, and more
  • How her institution responded to the crisis
  • What the next year for international admissions might look like 
  • How you can learn the foundations of being an international admission recruiter

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