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Have you been wondering what study abroad advising and management actually looks like in this pandemic/post-pandemic world? How are universities actually tackling the myriad of new challenges brought on by this cataclysmic event? 

Well, today we're talking with Jason Kinnear, Interim Associate Dean of Study Abroad and Exchanges at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, all about how the past year has impacted him, his team, and the overall operations of at his institution. 

You'll also learn all about how "accidentally" studied abroad and found his way into the professional world of international education. 

Beyond being a great friend of mine, Jason is also the Global Pro Labs Instructor for the Study Abroad Advising & Management Lab being taught live this Thursday, May 20th. 

There's still time to join us on for the live session AND gain access to the full Global Pro Labs training suite for life. Learn more about this and all the labs here.

Until then, enjoy this episode with Jason Kinnear. 



  • How Jason went from a sleepy town in southwest Missouri to “accidentally” studying abroad after his last year of college. 
  • The pivotal role faculty mentorship played in Jason’s career
  • Why Jason is so excited to be teaching the Study Abroad Lab (inside the Global Pro Labs Training Suite) and what you can expect from the course
  • What were the key things Jason did to grow his career before, during, and after grad school
  • How Jason and his team at UNC-Chapel Hill tackled the many challenges created by the pandemic
  • What makes Jason hopeful for the future of global education and what that will actually look like in the years to come




Jason Kinnear, recently appointed as Interim Associate Dean of Study Abroad & Exchanges at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), has worked in worked in international education since 1998, holding positions in international students & scholar services, study abroad and service-learning at the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Missouri prior to arriving at UNC. Starting his career as a graduate assistant in the role of Study Abroad Coordinator, his work has focused on all aspects of education abroad, including advising, program development and administration, risk management. In addition, Jason has been extensively involved with developing and leading community engagement/service-learning and internship programs, taking short-term students groups to Costa Rica, Ghana, South Africa and Thailand, as well as teaching service-learning and internship courses at the University of Missouri.

Jason has been active in several different professional organizations related to international education. With NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Jason served in regional and national volunteer leader positions, including state rep, regional and national conference planning, chair stream, and head of the Regional Affairs Committee (RAC), Trainer Core, and was co-author of the CEP Workshop Internships, Research, and Service-Learning Abroad (IRSLA). He is currently involved with the new IRSLA MIG. For the Forum on Education Abroad, Jason served on the Forum Glossary Taskforce, which developed the second edition of this document. Jason has presented numerous education abroad and service learning sessions at state, regional, national, and international conferences.

 Jason studied abroad in London, holds a BA in History from the Missouri University of Science & Technology, an MA in Education Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado, and is ABD in a PhD in Educational Leadership & Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University.



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