Running a For Purpose Study Abroad Company with Jim Pellow of CIEE

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CIEE Study Abroad - Jim Pellow - Inside Study Abroad

Happy new year everyone! I’m so excited to be launching into 2017 with you and sharing more interviews, insights and advice on all things international education and study abroad!

In Today's episode, I'm talking with Jim Pellow, CEO of CIEE. Back in October I had the privilege of sitting down with Jim at the IIE Generation Study Abroad Summit in DC. This was my first in person podcast recording. It was a lot of fun and I’m hoping to do many more at future events!


  • How someone with no traditional study abroad experience becomes CEO of one of the leading international education companies in the world
  • One of the most meaningful international experiences Jim has ever had
  • How to completely rebrand and transform a university from a traditional commuter campus to a world renowned leading institution (with a decent basketball team) ;) 
  • The work of CIEE that Jim is most proud of now
  • How he feels about those trying to break into the field professionally (hint: Do you know your your center of gravity?)
  • How to focus on growing the numbers of students studying abroad while maintaining quality
  • We discuss the research around the most impactful program models for study abroad learning outcomes
  • We talk program reflection and The Study Abroad Journal
  • How to get a job at CIEE





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