The Many Names of Study Abroad & International Education

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Name of Study Abroad Industry - Inside Study Abroad

Study abroad, international education, student mobility, intercultural learning? Our field has many names but which one is most accurate and what should you be saying in your applications, on Linkedin, or during job interviews?

What we do in this field encompasses so many types of program models, learning outcomes, destinations, modalities, age groups, and more - it can be difficult to know what to actually call the industry we work in or even agree on how we describe the work that we do.

In this episode, Sam and Brooke unpack the historical context and evolution of the language around the work we do in global education.

What You'll Learn: 

  • The evolution of the term study abroad and how it continues to change to adapt to our environment even today
  • What the study abroad terminology is like overseas in the UK and Europe
  • How the term global learning and education can outweigh the term meaningful travel
  • How the introduction of domestic exchange programs and offices became another outlet for participants and students to have that “away” experience
  • Terminology is powerful; use it to your advantage and use the language they are using
  • The slippery debate about the term industry vs field


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